Tuesday, March 30, 2010

michael nervous "prog 1" live 3-27-10

michael nervous performs "prog 1" using a ds lite and korg ds 10 @ temple gallery while the audience gazes over artwork by Jessica Wagner and video by Tony Vega and anticipates a performance by midstates and the choir of ghosts.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

michael nervous performance this saturday

I will be performing using korg ds 10 synced thru wifi

this is an audio visual xplo planning performance (which means if you are an artist of audio or visual art -you can come enjoy this party and get envolved in the upcoming event).

the temple gallery / sat march 27
1749 s halsted
pilsen Chicago, IL 60613-4304
with visual art by a/v xplo art directors
jessica wagner and tony vega
special early performance! by michael nervous and midstates and the choir of ghosts

ds 10 plus review update

the second part of my review needs to be updated as it is misleading. you can play 2 patterns (1 from each deck) at the same time in pattern mode. in song mode the decks play one after the other as pointed out in the manual. you don't need to transfer to another ds 10 to play the patterns. so if you need to use song mode u will still have to combine the separate tracks. thanks to montoya for pointing this out. i was definitely used to syncing the ds systems and have had some issues adapting to the song mode. please continue with your input thru comments.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

ds-10 plus part 2

I have worked with the plus version quite a bit and here are some things i have come across.

-there is a button in song mode for patterns on the a deck or b deck or both.
the problem with this is: it plays deck a first then deck b. it's basically like having two ds lites synced up and having one muted while the other plays.
-if you have a song where both patterns need to be played at the same time from different decks you would have to upload the file to another ds or dsi to play at the same time.
-the track mutes work wonders for composing on the song mode.
-when recording out of the dsi you have to record your decks separately and combine the tracks in a daw.
-when you stop a song in song mode and go back to pattern mode the tracks that are muted in the song at that point will be muted in that pattern. you will need to go the mixer to clear the muted tracks.

please correct me if i am missing something with the decks. i will post on the patterns and how the decks react soon.

Monday, March 15, 2010

non ds 10 michael nervous remix of wolfmother

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this has no ds 10 in it. i had a link here to a kid 606 remix with ds 10 in it, but had to take it down.
this contest is over in a few days so if anyone wants to add some korg to the wolfmother samples here is the link.

here is where you can rate my mix.

sirokai Decktonic - Freeze Dried Jellybeans


Pandora Project

I will be submitting michael nervous to Pandora for review soon. If you like my music or blog and would like to support it, please send an email to Pandora to suggest my music to be played. The email address is below, just say that they should consider playing michael nervous on Pandora and anything about the blog, ds 10, mobile music etc. After i go thru the process i will blog on how easy or hard it is to do this and how to get your music on Pandora. If you are unfamiliar with Pandora click here to find out more.

suggest-music@pandora.com copy and paste or click to open your email account.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

almost anniversary time

the ds 10 is almost 2 years old already and this blog is almost a year old.

things that have changed since the ds 10 came out and that are changing soon.

the dsi came out at the end of 2008 and april 2009 everywhere outside of japan.
+offered larger screen and stylus while taking the volume slider away.
the dsi xl will be coming out soon in the u.s. (japan already)
+offers larger screen and stylus
the korg ds 10 plus (japan last year) u.s. this year and everywhere else?
+major workflow improvements
+track mute
+dual decks
+4synths, two 8sound drum machines

ways to follow:
allthingsds10 blog
home of the korg ds 10 blog
palm sounds

ways to talk
ds10 forum
ning group

How do you get your song out of your ds / dsi?

I use the zoom h2 and a 3.5mm (male) to 3.5mm (male) cable. I record the performance on the recorder, take the sd card out of the recorder put it in the reader on the laptop and upload/convert/add to video etc.

I prefer portable recorders over soundcard/ breakoutboxes. mainly because I record wherever.

I got this question on youtube and said I would begin to post on this.