Wednesday, March 23, 2011

3d photos shot @ 3ds event chicago-michael nervous- korg ds10

Here is some 3d photos and more of the new album by michael nervous.

the photos are of the 3ds event in chicago.
-at the event you can try out street fighter in 3d, deep sea diver that is a ship/sub game that you spin around to look through your periscope 3d, need for speed driving game 3d, a flying game similar to the wii game where you have to land on targets or can just fly around 3d, nintendogs and cats in 3d, madden in 3d bears vs. packers is the game they had set up as well as an ar game where you look right through the screen and shoot at whatever is in front of the camera (like the floor or a table - this is your background) and boxes or other objects. the 3d is amazing on all of the games.

-other things i noticed. it is set up different than the dsi
- the headphone jack is in the center of the 3ds just below the touch screen on the outer shell (rather than the right on all the previous models)
-there are three buttons just above the jack that take you to different menus (like home)
- the 3d slider is on the top panel even with the bottom of the screen (moves easily but the only button anywhere near it is the top r button- you may bump sometime...just pause and re-align.
-it just seems a lot faster not just the graphics - but load time as well...nice

3ds photos in 3d- michael nervous- korg ds 10 music

these where shot on the 3ds!!!

This is part 1 of my review of the 3ds.

- tested the games and the camera
- the camera put the files into a single jpeg for 2d and an mpo for 3d I had to split the mpo file and put into a 3d editing program. i did not edit these photos as i wanted to show from 3ds to youtube how it would look (however the program aligns the photos - i did not align manually- that is why the single object photos look 3d and the ones with several objects appear un-aligned.
I spent 4 days trying to mix the video of the shots from the camera with other 3d footage I took with my fujifilm 3d camera with no luck. so i will show the videos seperate.

- overall this is the most elaborate ds system to come out. the ar games are amazing the use of the camera for non ar games is also amazing, the 3d looks great but does require some effort to adjust the lever to get each game and distance correct for your eyes-but once you do it's really good.

- i did not plug in headphones once i found out i could not insert the ds 10 software and was so into the games i forgot to even test the sound quality.

-they had a mii station where you create your mii and email it to yourself (not to be put back on your 3ds) I suppose had i been thinking i could have saved the mii on the sd card but i was more into the 3d camera.

part 1 of the song is just an edit - the next video will have more of it.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Knight Rider Theme Tune on KORG DS10.wmv

Ode to a Wonk on KORG DS10.wmv

Korg DS-10 Track: Grain Wave Warrior (Dubstep Mix)

DS-10 Dominator - Waiting To Happen (DUBSTEP)

HarleyLikesMusic - Wobbletron | Nintendo DS-10

KORG DS-10 PLUS: 'Licensed For Use (Anthony Seeha Remix)' By Decktonic

how to dodge lasers



evolving 07:34

subterranean 01:58

ice colony 02:47




fight town 03:41





My first album is a collection of songs that explore the sonic and compositional possibilities of KORG's DS-10 synthesizer.

A multitude of styles are traversed in the 14 songs here, including retro game bleeps, calculated house riffs, frantic drum and bass rhythms, orchestral articulations, and adjective plurals.

It is also a tribute to various things that have interested me over the years: visions of the future; inconsequential life experiences; real and imaginary things. I hope that some of these randomly caught ideas can be successfully conveyed to you through this album.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Synthlove by Arman Bohn korg ds 10 covers

This is awesome! check it out here.

It's all made on the dsi using korg ds 10.

The 5 song ep/album consist of these TRACKS:
1) Cars (Gary Numan)
2) Promise (When in Rome)
3) Never Let Me Down Again (Depeche Mode)
4) Souvenir (OMD)
5) Space Age Love Song (A Flock of Seagulls)
6) Head Over Heels (Tears For Fears)

"Synthlove" is an EP of six 1980's cover songs sequenced on a handheld gaming console (Nintendo DSi/Korg DS-10+).

arman adds...

My love for early synthpop has combined with the immediacy of sequencing on a handheld game console.

How did I do it?
I sequenced the songs in “dual” mode on the Korg DS-10+ cart. This was a challenge due to the 4 note limit of the software! It is hard to squeeze any chordal depth or texture out of such a limited tone range. The DS also exhibits a great deal of aliasing, so sounds had to be chosen carefully. At times, I had to use the tracks that are dedicated to percussion as additional tonal instruments.

After the sequencing was completed, I plugged the headphone jack of the DSi into my audio interface and recorded the sequences into my computer using Sonar 8.5PE. I recorded the vocals over the instrumental sequences using an AKG 414, mixed, mastered and done! I licensed the songs for digital distribution through Limelight.


here is the blog where you can read up.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Post your Korg ds 10 related video or music here

If you have anything that you feel is related to korg ds 10 and would like me to post or discuss, let me know. the easiest way to get a hold of me is through my youtube page. I'm also on facebook and twitter....or through the blog.

here are the links.

youtube (best option)



used korg ds 10 - unveiling of songs found inside

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

MSK - Patch Sheet For Korg ds-10

If you use a moleskin pocket sized notebook or would like to print this out and use it as a notebook without buying a moleskin here ya's only on the upper left template right now. I will upload a new version that has all four filled once I am happy with the quality. Sorry for wasting paper right now.

my moleskin notebook for ds-10Below is what the sheet looks like next to the notebook

moleskin patch sheet download!

pdf - download of blank patch files

here you can download the blank patch pdf files.

via moonbuz files

I needed these as there was not enough save space for my patches I created.

ds-10 patches by gabriel godwin

click on the pic for some ds-10 patches. I have yet to try them out. i stumbled upon them when I was looking for a patch sheet (i misplaced the one i made).

link to the korg ds 10 forum where the discussion of these patches and explanation as well as audio samples is here.

Monday, March 7, 2011

day 35 of the new album

I have been working hard on the album. I actually bought two new ds 10 cards (they were half off, I think they are going to be taken off the shelves soon). some off the new songs are really turning out how I want and some need a lot of work. I have loose plans to play live and even show a class what I do. There will more videos (maybe even today).

korg ds 10 forum presents - a journey through space

Click on the pick

This is awesome! I saw it when it came out and completely forgot to post it. it's available on the internet archive. features 22 tracks from ds 10 artists around the world. check it out!!!

palm sounds - korg ds 10 link

Here is a link to the palm sounds page with a search of korg ds 10. This blog is updated everyday and needs no introduction.

Ugo capeto - home of the korg ds 10 - flash player

Saturday, March 5, 2011

3ds is less than a month away!

On march 27 2011 the nintendo 3ds will arrive in stores.
So this is the third nintendo handheld to come out since the blog began. dsi, dsi xl and now 3ds. I skipped the xl (even though I may have wanted it). anyway I have spent the night checking it out online and it looks amazing!...honestly have kept tabs since the announcement as i love nintendo portables and 3d cameras u can see why I would want this. I have to say that I have not read anywhere about improved audio output from the dsi ( i may have just overlooked). I think if you are buying this you are going to be playing games more than making music on it as it is loaded with features. It would be great if someone would make some music software for it or if sanodg would make the ds 10 into a 3d, augmented reality, gyro / motion experince. I am excited for this for train rides to work.