Wednesday, March 23, 2011

3ds photos in 3d- michael nervous- korg ds 10 music

these where shot on the 3ds!!!

This is part 1 of my review of the 3ds.

- tested the games and the camera
- the camera put the files into a single jpeg for 2d and an mpo for 3d I had to split the mpo file and put into a 3d editing program. i did not edit these photos as i wanted to show from 3ds to youtube how it would look (however the program aligns the photos - i did not align manually- that is why the single object photos look 3d and the ones with several objects appear un-aligned.
I spent 4 days trying to mix the video of the shots from the camera with other 3d footage I took with my fujifilm 3d camera with no luck. so i will show the videos seperate.

- overall this is the most elaborate ds system to come out. the ar games are amazing the use of the camera for non ar games is also amazing, the 3d looks great but does require some effort to adjust the lever to get each game and distance correct for your eyes-but once you do it's really good.

- i did not plug in headphones once i found out i could not insert the ds 10 software and was so into the games i forgot to even test the sound quality.

-they had a mii station where you create your mii and email it to yourself (not to be put back on your 3ds) I suppose had i been thinking i could have saved the mii on the sd card but i was more into the 3d camera.

part 1 of the song is just an edit - the next video will have more of it.