Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Post 300 special news- for me at least-

The majority of the material for my new album is written. I thought it would be fun to show it's progress on the blog.

I did everything different this time around.

- made some songs on ds cards, backed them up, made new versions of the same songs and will play them together through effects, monotrons kaoss pads along side of filed recordings.

- made some some songs on ds+ and will use them live on ds cards playing on separate ds systems so i can use external effects (using ds tool to separate songs).

I have only tried everything to make sure it works.
I am finishing the patterns of some songs.
I have backed up all cards using nds adaptor
I'm keeping notes on all the parameters that matter live- bpm, patterns...

I will be using 4 ds lites running the ds 10 software linked together through local wifi with a dsi running the ds 10 + software.

I hope to be using a boss dd3 and dd5

also a mini kp and kp3

2 monotrons

nsp using iphone

zoom r16

either a way to big for mobile music mackie board or that small mixer in the photo

the usb keychain was a gift and stores my backups and notes (nds adaptor software and ds tool)