Thursday, February 10, 2011

day 3 video- mchl nrvs new material

This video was a sound test for recording directly into my kodak zi8 camera thru a m-audio 10db pad.

-volume needs to be louder on dsi.
-mic input volume up as well

I used a headphone y splitter to hear in headphones.

It was only a test of the patterns. Some of the patterns were created on earbuds and did not sound good thru full dynamic headphones.

overall I was excited to post this, but was not satisfied.

I was hoping to accomplish an easy - not editing way of posting video.

the high resolution of the camera made my pc run slow and the quality was grainy (on macro).
- I will leave lights on next time, reduce resolution and clean off sd card.

Album and live set up have been in my mind since I first started ds-10 and I have done this with drum machines, speak and spells, other circuit bent rigs and original gameboys etc. 3 of the ? of the actual set up and album....