Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day 9 - New michael nervous album - song - krafty

the korg ds 10 sphere:

I spent some time with video software on this one- I was trying to get more familiar with the video software so when I complete a whole song I might be able to have a video idea ready at the same time. I'm hoping for 3d. I have put a lot effort in the past into 3d and have had great results...the problem was youtube. now youtube supports 3d. now the problem is my homemade rig for 3d won't go to you tube. ok so I have 3d software and a 3d camera on the way but my computer is outdated and won't support these things. anyway once I get the camera I will see what I can do----not the time for a new computer.

the audio is again untouched (WELL WAIT! HAVE i MENTIONED THAT THERE IS A 10DB PAD GOING INTO MY MIC INPUT ON THE CAM? I had to put the pad on or it would distort...anyway if anything that lowers the volume and does not enhance it).

this song has several versions-see what the final result is by keeping up with the blog.thanks for checking it out.