Friday, October 9, 2009

Korg ds 10 plus review

After waiting from september 15th until monday october 5th to receive korg ds 10 plus in the mail, you would think i would have blogged within seconds of opening the package. well I uploaded a picture on twitter of me and the ds plus and went out that night happy knowing my dsi would be ready when I got home. To my surprise, region free on the dsi means nothing at all. I made sure I had the latest firmware and tried again, the korg ds 10 plus worked only on my nds and not the dsi. after contacting play asia and nintendo, and getting great response from both, I decided to keep the limited edition software (and we all no it was never going back).

Part 2: the actual review,

the new features are not necessary on the ds, but give you the option of working in a faster paced recording mode. you can set up your 16 drum tracks and record directly over them in song mode and switch back and forth between pattern and song modes without stopping. this feature alone is worth the money. After working in pattern mode in the original this may be confusing to some and amusing to those who are familiar with software like FL studio. The other features have not really played a part in my findings as of today, but I will keep posting.

xseed supposedly will release the u.s. version this month according to nintendo. play asia has the u.s. release set for feb 2010. if you can wait, DO. if not this IS worth it.