Sunday, December 19, 2010

christmas time!

I spent the day trying to find these songs and they are still up on the myspace.

michael nervous christmas

korg ds-10 track 62 -ugo capeto-home of the korg ds 10

Korg DS-10 Walking

Cheatz - Bumpin: [DS-10 REMIX]

InDaHouse By DJ-MJ811.

KORG DS-10/同意を求めたりして

Death Boy Jr. - Black And White // Korg DS10 / Electroplankton

KORG DS -10: 'Practice Song 18 (Tweaking)' By Anthony Seeha

Sunday, October 17, 2010

java version of ds tool for linux and mac = page download and what it is/does = forum topic where you will get extra help

I used this late last night. I had to rename to .sav files, other than that it recognized the file and the songs and patches showed up.

KidQuaalude's Save Tool windows

QauNuckShin linux / max/ -java

thanks to kidquaalude and QauNuckShin for the tools and revisions

korg ds 10 tool

for some reason i never posted on this. I may have thought it was for flash carts only. i have just downloaded it and will be trying it out. linked at korg ds 10 forum. download

Sunday, September 26, 2010

New Michael Nervous Album

This is a live album that I had time to work on and finish today. This album is straight out of korg ds 10 thru a belkin rockstar into a zoom h2 handy recorder. I used 4 nintendo ds lites running korg ds 10 and 1 dsi running ds 10 plus. They were all synced thru wifi for the first five songs only as a sync for song start with no dead air (it was an art show i wanted to keep the music flowing) while I was playing somg 5 I loaded a new song into a ds lite. Song five was not synced and was played without a time clock. I tapped out the beats live. Song 7 was an encore (which was nice but unexpected and i was not ready - did it anyway). I had synced the room audio with the direct out of the ds for the first 7 tracks. I took out the room sound and gave a direct sound for the repeat of the same 7 tracks for a new studio album. You can listen, download and remix this album on bandcamp...MICHAEL NERVOUS ON BANDCAMP FREE ALBUM!Live at the Temple Gallery 3/27/2010

Thursday, September 9, 2010

new michael nervous - coming soon

This track was made with korg ds 10 plus running thru a monotron into a kp3. it was all live except the patterns i built in the ds 10. This was a practice session of a track that is not even close to being ready....

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

cardiac trance and ds-10 dominator improv

ds-10 dominator live and new cd coming out thru play

Viewing news post #3250. To select a different topic, please choose a category from the right.

27. Jul, 2010 17:08 (HKT) presents DS-10 Dominator! Album 'Dance if you can't dance' now available for preorder! Official YouTube channel set-up, two more chances to see the DS-10 Dominator live in Tokyo! proudly presents you the DS-10 Dominator, Europe's newest underground dance sensation. Followers of the European Korg DS-10 and low-def music scene might already be familiar with Rutger Muller aka DS-10 Dominator, now it is time for the broad public and electronica fans outside of Europe to take notice of him and we are happy to help spreading the word.

Rutger's music is a modern blend of different electronic styles ranging from drum and bass to 8bit video game music, all songs are composed, arranged and performed on his Nintendo DS® using XSeed's KORG DS-10® virtual analogue synthesizer software.

What impressed us a lot, when we saw the first videos of the DS-10 Dominator, was not only the impressive sound that he got out of his tiny handheld but also his live performances. While traditional DJs are hidden behind turntables, Rutger can party in the middle of the crowd, hooked to the amplifiers with a cable from his NDS.

The DS-10 Dominator is currently on a sponsored tour through Hong Kong and Japan. If you happen to be in Tokyo in the next two weeks, you have two chances to see him and his NDS live in action.

Here the two upcoming gigs in Tokyo:

AUGUST 1ST 2010CLUB MOGRA, AKIHABARA, TOKYO (JP): DS-10 World Cup : Netherlands VS Japan

The videos of his first show, held in July 17th in Tokyo will be uploaded to the Youtube Channel. For more news and info about the DS-10 Dominator, check out his official website.

For those who liked the videos and don't have the chance to attend one of the live events: we now accept preorders for Rutger's upcoming album. 'Dance if you can't dance' is a spectacular firework for all fans of electronic music and will be exclusively available at But let's here what the Dominator has to say:

For two years I've been composing crazy electronic music with a Nintendo DS™ and KORG DS-10™.

My energetic live shows across Europe and Japan have positively surprised many clubbers, festival lovers, and people into experimental electronica. Now, with the help of, I'm releasing my first full length CD album.

The albums blends together a mix of beautiful textures, danceable rhythms and crazy basslines. Influences range from drum 'n' bass, electro and dubstep to ambient, experimental electronica and pop.

via his youtube and play

ugo's song #50 on the ds 10

Thursday, July 15, 2010

been busy, computer trouble and other excuses

I have kept up with the ds-10 and have not stopped blogging about it. Apologies for the empty month and a half.

ds - 10 dominator

ds -10 dominator is in Japan right now.
follow his twitter

best buy stores and online

i was in best buy and saw that the korg ds-10 plus was $19.99
the bad news is that it is not available online anymore from best buy.

Monday, May 17, 2010

realistic drum patch for the korg ds 10

or as chris lody states (ish)

Korg Ds-10 Patches - Realistic(ish) drum kit

clap patch

HERE is another patch for a clap sound:


worksheets and patches

I had an idea earlier today to reconstruct an old worksheet i had made for the ds 10. I then began to search and found many interesting things:

alexusua has many great links and patches




If anyone has patches they would like to share you can download these patch sheets by right clicking and save as. then put a link in the comments where you uploaded them and i will post them on the site.

Friday, May 14, 2010

"Video killed the radiostar" was performed with nintendo DSµKORG


KORG DS-10 Premium Night 5x2 [HQ]

05/02/2010 DS-10 all night club party @ Sabaco, Japan. Guest DJs (DS-10 Jockey): [Yakan] / Cosmo (Cosmoworks) / Microcosm / Ron vs Vanno / Hariboy feat. Kobits / Simonger Mobile / Keishi Yonao / Mugenkidou / CardiacTrance / L-eye vs. baker / Tojoh Heihachiro feats. Magomusume / Hotaru-Ya / Kowaoto / Kaoru Watanabe / Denkitribe Guest VJs: Suttoko-Dokkoy / Tojoh Heihachiro

Thursday, May 13, 2010

the ds-10 blog will be closing today. not this blog

The official ds-10 blog will be closing today.
the final posts can be read here.

カテゴリー: 未分類 — sanodg @ 11:26:41 PM

KORG DS-10 BLOG will be closed tomorrow.
Thanks for your visiting and lots of love for DS-10.

Keep making DS-10 tunes !!!
See you soon !!!

Nobuyoshi “sanodg” Sano, KORG DS-10 director

via matrixsynth, palm sounds and the ds-10 blog....

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ufosxm plays Korg-10 on Nintendo DS

KORG DS-10 PLUS "ribs of a donkey"

The Orb_Little Fluffy Clouds:KORG DS-10 Plus

Nannaxklorsid - Korg DS 10


Handmade SteadiCam Ride on a Bicycle

x13 (Unnamed Track) -- Korg DS-10

ENG Boss (Korg DS-10+)

Sticks and Tones, for stylophones and Nintendo DS [NYC, 4-20-10]

how to play Tetris-Melodie (KORG DS-10 Synthesizer)

【TEST UPLOAD】Rayny-(wake)UP

Korg DS10 jam by jamiebathgate

imuradio My Friends Bleep and Blop "imuradio"

My Friends Bleep and Blop

djhallowlife69 "Tainted Deception" (Korg DS 10)

Monday, April 26, 2010

michael nervous "health and safety" music video "battery leakage"

song "battery Leakage"
album "health and Safety"
label ""

health and safety on

please download here. due to heavy downloads the album is now being hosted for download here at

media convert

Need to convert a file but don't have the software or can't for whatever strange reason do it on your computer? this site has helped me in those strange situations where I need to convert or SEND A FILE to someone. you can upload and someone else can download or several people for 24 hours. it's free and you can convert tracker formats, audio, video ... even .dpg

here is the link

*does not have any magic ds-10 tool. just in case you were going to ask. audio and video mainly.
I have got requests for how to convert online, easily, without installing software.enjoy.



If you have any interest in mobile music in your nds, ds lite, dsi/xl, palm, iphone/pad or any other portable device you need to check out this blog.


Jetdaisuke channel on youtube

if you are into mobile music then check out this guy's reviews

korg ds-10 track 47 ugo capeto

DS-10 PLUSで 23曲目 mam0

Friday, April 23, 2010

heatlh and safety korg ds-10 compilation - free download

Korgds.10 forum presents "heatlh and safety"


01 Nico sun - Precautions
02 team rocket - Light Flashes
03 MicroStep - Radio Frequency Interference
04 Bretagne In Flight - Play In A Well Lit Room
05 oxideshedder - Blackouts Triggered By Patterns
06 ubey - Seizure Warning
07 bryface - Eye Twitching
08 Switch Off, Goodbye - Muscle Twitching
09 DJ Hollow Life - Loss Of Awareness
10 Synthesia - Altered Vision
11 The Analog Girl - Involuntary Movements
12 Novielo - Disorientation
13 mugenkidou - Repetitive Motion Injuries
14 Kaputnik - A High Precision Electronic Device
15 toillota - Eyestrain
16 michael nervous - Battery Leakage
17 Soft BleR - Hardware Precautions
18 Chema64 - Contact With Dust And Lint
19 CardiacTrance - Sharply Bent Wire
20 Chris Lody - Deteriorating Liquid Crystal
21 motone - Contact With Moisture And Dirt
22 Decktonic - Licensed For Use With The Nintendo DS
23 bc likes you! - Game Card Precautions
24 Susitalo - Maintenance
25 Amburgerzorro - Forcing The Game Card
26 Receptors - Convulsions
27 DS-10 Dominator - Reorient The Receiving Antenna

ds10dominator and put out this album...


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

testing the prs cable for iphone RjDj — 'Apr 19, 2010 9:50 PM' recorded by Michael Nervous

RjDj — 'Apr 19, 2010 9:50 PM' recorded by Michael Nervous

i have been in contact with the makers of guitarbud cable PRS (paul reed smith). the reason i am posting this in the ds-10 blog is this, there is a possibility, of a not so distant future version of the cable, being able to handle other instruments and possibly the ds-10. the cable is a guitar male 1/4" on one end with the headphone (3.5mm female) out close by. it then stretches out into about 6' of cable and ends in the three ring iphone (mic, ring, tip) 3.5mm plug. I used it on the above recording using a baritone guitar. after the update in OS3.1 there has been no input into the iphone as mic input from the dock connection. the new mickey will do this too (but i like the idea of not being concerned with updates). I will try it when it comes out. this will eliminate (for those of us that have phones with recording capability) to carry a recorder and the ds-10 with us. i have tried this version of the cable with the ds-10 and it is not capable. the cable itself works wonderfully with most of the iphone apps. i tried it with rjdj, stompvox, monle (could not monitor), 4track (no monitor), rec tools (monitor with high latency), otto and sampletoy. they all have latency but at least there is output. this will be great for on the go recording and or editing/uploading using a phone. imagine a direct line in while charging and uploading to youtube after finished without a mac or pc.

Monday, April 19, 2010

new michael nervous live track!

live from the steple gallery...michael nervous performs this track on a single korg ds-10 on ds lite.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

secretmixtape interview with michael nervous and free downloads

mental monkey brings you a free song and interview by a different artist each week. this week is michael nervous. check it out here secretmixtape.

more korg ds 10 tracks on 8bit collective per request