Wednesday, July 28, 2010

ds-10 dominator live and new cd coming out thru play

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27. Jul, 2010 17:08 (HKT) presents DS-10 Dominator! Album 'Dance if you can't dance' now available for preorder! Official YouTube channel set-up, two more chances to see the DS-10 Dominator live in Tokyo! proudly presents you the DS-10 Dominator, Europe's newest underground dance sensation. Followers of the European Korg DS-10 and low-def music scene might already be familiar with Rutger Muller aka DS-10 Dominator, now it is time for the broad public and electronica fans outside of Europe to take notice of him and we are happy to help spreading the word.

Rutger's music is a modern blend of different electronic styles ranging from drum and bass to 8bit video game music, all songs are composed, arranged and performed on his Nintendo DS® using XSeed's KORG DS-10® virtual analogue synthesizer software.

What impressed us a lot, when we saw the first videos of the DS-10 Dominator, was not only the impressive sound that he got out of his tiny handheld but also his live performances. While traditional DJs are hidden behind turntables, Rutger can party in the middle of the crowd, hooked to the amplifiers with a cable from his NDS.

The DS-10 Dominator is currently on a sponsored tour through Hong Kong and Japan. If you happen to be in Tokyo in the next two weeks, you have two chances to see him and his NDS live in action.

Here the two upcoming gigs in Tokyo:

AUGUST 1ST 2010CLUB MOGRA, AKIHABARA, TOKYO (JP): DS-10 World Cup : Netherlands VS Japan

The videos of his first show, held in July 17th in Tokyo will be uploaded to the Youtube Channel. For more news and info about the DS-10 Dominator, check out his official website.

For those who liked the videos and don't have the chance to attend one of the live events: we now accept preorders for Rutger's upcoming album. 'Dance if you can't dance' is a spectacular firework for all fans of electronic music and will be exclusively available at But let's here what the Dominator has to say:

For two years I've been composing crazy electronic music with a Nintendo DS™ and KORG DS-10™.

My energetic live shows across Europe and Japan have positively surprised many clubbers, festival lovers, and people into experimental electronica. Now, with the help of, I'm releasing my first full length CD album.

The albums blends together a mix of beautiful textures, danceable rhythms and crazy basslines. Influences range from drum 'n' bass, electro and dubstep to ambient, experimental electronica and pop.

via his youtube and play