Saturday, February 27, 2010

200th post special post (at least for me)

New michael nervous album is up at emusic "the worst of michael nervous, the best is yet to come.

This album is full of my favorites. I hope you enjoy it. sign up for a free emusic trial and download this album very very!

It will be available very soon at all your favorite stores and on cd as well.

please remember there is only one ds 10 only song on this album track 15 "mchl nrvs 2".
it does contain 5 synced ds and dsi systems running the ds 10 thru wifi though.

i will put a list up of the other equipment used on another site and put the link here.

battery leakage jam michael nervous ds 10 plus

korg ds 10 plus on dsi thru mobile cube jam

Battery leakage pattern mode

michael nervous 1st song on ds 10 plus

Ds 10 plus on dsi thru mobile cube recorded on iphone's video camera and built in mic.

Battery leakage

ugo capeto's korg ds-10 track 39

korg ds-10 track 39

korg ds 10 plus mini review

Things i have come across so far:

1. when switching from song mode to pattern mode wherever you stop play is where the switch is made. all the tracks that are muted will not show up in the other mode. all you have to do is unmute the tracks of both decks in the mixer. even after unmuting the tracks my song will still play sometimes but the boxes are missing in the pattern (currently don't know why).

2. ds-10 only sometimes asks me if i'm sure i would like to stop play before song mode starts, maybe 3 out of 10 times. not sure why.

3. when copying patterns be careful to select your pattern, check which deck, hit copy and touch the empty pattern. repeat with the other deck. if you are not careful here it's easy to accidentally copy over patterns.

4. saving to seperate slots. you save deck a and deck b seperatly. this means you have half the amount of save space as the original ds-10.

these things are fine. if you are like me and do everything fast and without paying attention, you may go over things accidentally.

5. it is really easy to pick up and very hard to put down. you will miss your train stop, maybe even on purpose.

6. track mute makes this worth the wait.

to be continued.....

ds-10 dominator sponsors 30 track all ds-10 comp

***** HOT NEWS: Worldwide 30-track Korg DS-10(+) compilation for download here end march 2010 ******

here is the tentative lineup:
00-Health & Safety [ robomarin ] -
01-Precautions [ L.Paquay ]
02-Explanation By An Adult [ Aerond ]
03-Play In A Well-Lit Room [ Bretagne in Flight ] -
04-Seizure Warning [ ubey ] -
05-Blackouts Triggered By Patterns [ oxideshedder ]
06-Convulsions [ Receptors ]
07-Eye Twitching [ bryface ]
08-Muscle Twitching [ Switch Off, Goodbye. ]
09-Loss of Awareness [ DJ Hollow Life ] -
10-Altered Vision [ Synthesia ] -
11-Involuntary Movements [ theanaloggirl ]
12-Disorientation [ novielo ]
13-Repetitive Motion Injuries [ mugenkidou ]
14-Eyestrain [ toillota ]
15-Battery Leakage [ mchl nrvs ]
16-Radio Frequency Interference [ HarleyLikesMusic ]-
17-Hardware Precautions [ Ivo Dyr vROOOM ]
18-Rapidly Turn The Power Switch ON and OFF [ nitro2k01 ]
19-Sharply Bent Wire [ CardiacTrance ]
20-Extreme Heat Or Cold [ jaytresh ]
21-Contact With Moisture And Dirt [ motone ]
22-Contact with Dust And Lint [ Chema64 ]
23-Deteriorating Liquid Crystal [ ChrisLody ]
24-Designed And Licensed For Use With The Nintendo DS [ Montoya ]
25-Maintenance [ BarataSound ]
26-Game Card Precautions [ bclikesyou! ]
27-A High Precision Electronic Device [ Kaputnik ]
28-Regulations For Equipment Use In U.S.A. and Canada [ amburgerzorro ]
29-Modifications Not Expressly Approved By The Manufacturer [ calmdownkidder ]
30-Reorient The Receiving Antenna [ DS-10 Dominator ]

Friday, February 26, 2010

new michael nervous album out soon!

"the worst of michael nervous, the best is yet to come" album will be available soon. it only has one korg ds 10 song it (because it ranges from 98-09). the korg song uses 3 korg ds 10 on ds lites, 1 korg ds plus (japanese version on ds lite) and korg ds 10 on dsi. all the units were synced up thru wifi for a live recording. i did use some external effects such as mini kp and some boss delay pedals.
the album consists of homemade instruments, gadgets, drum machines, guitars, lots of circuit bent instruments, some gaming equipment and enough other things that i will have to write in depth when it comes out.
Some of the tracks were used live (other versions and performances) in bands called "the nervous" and "personal trainer". this would be their original versions.
i will post when it is up and live.

limbono5- The Chemical Brothers-Star Guitar:KORG DS-10 Plus

The Chemical Brothers-Star Guitar:KORG DS-10 Plus

brimaxian - Korg DS-10 PLUS: Legend of Zelda "Great Fairy Fountain" REMIX on Nintendo DSi

Korg DS-10 PLUS: Legend of Zelda "Great Fairy Fountain" REMIX on Nintendo DSi

vjfranzk -BLIPTRONIC 5000 & KAOSS vs AURORA vs DS10 Plus - Casual Ambient Cafe Jam

BLIPTRONIC 5000 & KAOSS vs AURORA vs DS10 Plus - Casual Ambient Cafe Jam

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Nintendo DSi XL

I'm not sure how I missed this. but there is a dsi xl out already and coming to the u.s. soon.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

In my car with ds 10 plus @ ups. Should I call off work?

brown truck....

Today I got home just in time to see the brown truck with the gold letters pull away with my korg ds 10 plus in it. I know this because there was a sticker on my door stating it. tomorrow morning should have it in my hands finally....again...for my region locked dsi...hopefully we can start counting down to the European version soon.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

placeboing serves up "My 1st Korg DS-10 song "

My 1st Korg DS-10 song

【KORG】Cantelope Island【DS-10 PLUS】

【KORG】Cantelope Island【DS-10 PLUS】

mryat DS-10 PLUS Song "escape!!"

DS-10 PLUS Song "escape!!"

mryat taking charge of a reproduction of "Starry Sky(by capsule)" on the DS-10

official video now up at xseed site (re-posted video)

i ordered my korg ds 10 plus on amazon

anyone else have it yet? I tried earlier last month to get a free one for response (not surprised). I also have been trying micro center and gamestop....there is one available in a NY gamestop. anyway I hope to have it soon for review. Had I known in September what i know now I would have just traded in some equipment in for a Japanese dsi.

Saturday, February 6, 2010



release date: 6 february 2010 | catalogue number: KR036

The new album. Will wreck any dancefloor.
A whirlwind of electro-synthpop-dubstep-drum-n-bass-chiptune-crunk-gabber!

“As one of the rare artists who actually lives up to his boastful moniker, DS-10 Dominator has beautifully produced everything from squelchy slinky deep house, grimy electro, gabber, floaty electronica and angry duck music from his little Nintendo DS and put it all in this lovely hour long release.” -jellica of


DOWNLOAD (free) from Internet Archive
VISIT Netlabel Kittenrock
STREAM via 8bitcollective
(artwork by Kaputnik)

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Korg DS-10 Track: Excuse me, you've dropped your acid

DS-10 Dominator - Tilted Club [electro] @ Stroom, De Boulevard, Breda

DS-10 Dominator - Tilted Club [electro] @ Stroom, De Boulevard, Breda

DS-10 Dominator - Waiting To Happen [dubstep] Live @ Stroom, De Boulevard, Breda

DS-10 Dominator - Waiting To Happen [dubstep] Live @ Stroom, De Boulevard, Breda

TKWtube KORG DS-10 Music - Track 06: Pop... Without the -Ular

TKWtube KORG DS-10 Music - Track 06: Pop... Without the -Ular

ds 10 live iron stomach

yamato 10 gallon-newish -track

12 days to go! plus/plus/plus/plus here we go again!

12 days until korg ds 10 plus!

yamato 10 gallon-new track

elvis - ds 10 - itunes and youtube

Here is an email from Elvis Presley Audition:

Elvis Presley Information
Hi, my friend!

This year is 75th birth anniversary of Elvis Presley!

"Elvis 75" that is Elvis best compilation is on sale!!!
This year will be "Elvis year" !!!

In additional to this , please check below information!!!

1 : Count down project!!!!
Now, we will start to countdown to show the audition grandprix winners music video on Youtube and myspace on 10,February.

So, please check and leave a message in my comments.

2 : Download sale on iTunes!!!!
We released "Elvis Presley Electro Cover Compilation -meets KORG DS-10-
"on iTunes!!
So, please check and listen here!!!!

And we will release this title CD on 31, March in Japan.

Thank you for your time.

Best regards
Elvis Presley & KORG DS-10 Audition Secretariat
■now on sale on iTunes

■Audition Official Site


home of the korg ds 10 song 35

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

14 days to go!

i'm in a public coffee shop and wifi will not allow me to post. My network is down at home. hopefully tomorrow I will be posting again....first the computer then the modem....I apologize to those who follow this blog.