Friday, February 26, 2010

new michael nervous album out soon!

"the worst of michael nervous, the best is yet to come" album will be available soon. it only has one korg ds 10 song it (because it ranges from 98-09). the korg song uses 3 korg ds 10 on ds lites, 1 korg ds plus (japanese version on ds lite) and korg ds 10 on dsi. all the units were synced up thru wifi for a live recording. i did use some external effects such as mini kp and some boss delay pedals.
the album consists of homemade instruments, gadgets, drum machines, guitars, lots of circuit bent instruments, some gaming equipment and enough other things that i will have to write in depth when it comes out.
Some of the tracks were used live (other versions and performances) in bands called "the nervous" and "personal trainer". this would be their original versions.
i will post when it is up and live.