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korg ds 10 synced with 4 nds and 1 dsi song "odd" by MCHL NRVS

DS-10 PLUSで 1曲目

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unboxing of the ds 10 plus

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[DS-10+] CheetahMen2 main theme

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minimal music on ds 10 dancing girls video

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[KORG/AQ DS-10 PLUS] PLUS PULSE / keishi yonao [Original Music]

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korg ds 10 plus in action - test

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

korg ds 10 plus

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free dvd in celebration of korg ds 10 plus release


- 5.1 sound, using only korg ds 10. (these are the original tracks. the dvd software adds the depth of 5.1, they are not remixed).

-plays like a cd. has tracks with no menus.

-The first short film made entirely on the nintendo ds. Title = Alien zombie stick men vs. regular headless zombie stick men. more than 1.200 drawings were used in the application flickbook ds. all 12 songs from the mchl nrvs with korg ds 10 album are used in the film. No effects (audio or video) outside of the ds were used. The still drawaings were converted to avi using media-convert and the audio was added in a cheap audio program. synopsis= aliens, seemingly friendly, come to earth to capture stick people. After taking the heads of the human stick people, the human stick people turn into headless zombie stick people and the war is on.

-The music video for Resonant transformers are Tesla coils. clips from the film are used syncing with rhythm of the music. Allot of effects on the video, original audio performance.

-The music video for Turn signal 74 trafficators are semaphore signals. another flickbook ds creation simulating the early car racing video games were you never arrive at the background destination. video synced to audio with allot effects and video manipulation, audio untouched. I have another version, of similar video, were the audio is lsdj and pixel h8's pro performer.

-the complete audio tracks for Quadruple John’s cage (Parallelepiped) and u.s. patent 0,334,823. The tracks feature a video montage of ds stylus slowly coming out towards the screen and occasional mchl nrvs being displayed. Both tracks can be heard in the sidebar of this blog.

-All music and video by michael nervous released under creative commons Creative Commons License
mchl nrvs dvd #1 by michael nervous is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License.
Based on a work at


yomato 10 gallon - Denki Groove NIJI

electro tune ds 10

breakbeats n ds 10

ugo capeto's new track

Monday, September 14, 2009

dual - mode or single - mode

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deck a deck b - plus in action

via gamewatch.........decks in action on ds plus.

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sanodg with ds 10 plus release in his hand

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korg ds 10 cake

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VIA GAME WATCH translated using are your new screenshots....

AQ interactive, holding the shop front event and talk Shaw who commemorate DS “KORG DS-10 PLUS” sale September 17th sale schedule Price: 3,990 Yen    5,985 Yen (scientific magazine ×KORG DS-10 PLUS limitation pack of adult) CERO rating: A (all the age objects) Package image  Corporation AQ interactive on September 17th on September 19th Tokyo & Akihabara, on September 26th executes the shop front event “shop front demonstration performance caravan” which commemorates sale the music tool for [nintendo] DS of sale schedule/in software “KORG DS-10”, in Osaka & Nihonbashi. Price usually turn 3,990 Yen. “Scientific magazine ×KORG DS-10 PLUS limitation pack of adult” 5,895 Yen. As for CERO rating A (all the age objects).  “KORG DS-10” in 1978 from KORG was developed the patch type analog synthesizer” MS-10” which is sold in design concept, the synthesizer software for [nintendo] DS. With “KORG DS-10 PLUS”, besides the fact that ““playback program function of compilation of the parameter which is in the midst of” “expanding the SONG mode” and track/truck MUTE” is mounted on Advanced Capability, the analog [shinse] simulator, 1 drum machines (4 parts) from 2 units (8 parts) to are expanded from 2 to 4 units as a [nintendo] DSi private function, 12 tracks/trucks & the sequencer become possible, mounting “Dual DS-10 mode”. The same function becomes the efficiency “equivalent to KORG DS-10” 2.  While the shop front event in the space of the opening store, using “KORG DS-10 PLUS,” showing the actual operation picture executing composition performance. At the same meeting place, also experience meeting is executed together. In addition in the event at the [sohumatsupuamiyuzumento] mansion September 19th, Osamu Ken Itoh who is the optical rice field healthy model person of the Procyon studio which relates to the development “of KORG DS-10 PLUS” and 1 users of previous production “KORG DS-10” the schedule which appears as a special guest.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

elvis comp early submissions


Elvis Presley & KORG DS-10 Audition The Propaganda Musicians "Love Me Tender" cover

Thursday, September 10, 2009

korg ds 10 - next thursday....should you pre-order?

Like its predecessor, KORG DS10 Plus attempts to recreate the Korg MS-10 analogue synthesizer on your DS. The followup adds new features, including real time edit and track mute during live performances.

Those using the DSi system will be able to access the new Dual DS10 Mode. This mode increases analogue synth from 2 to 4, drum machine from 4 to 8 and tracks from 6 to 12.

Outside of a standard edition, AQ will also be offering a ¥5,985 Limited Edition. Part of a collaboration with a magazine called "Otona no Kagaku Magazine," this version of the game features a different label for the cartridge, demo songs, and a guide book created by the magazine editors.

AQ posted a YouTube video of a mock announcement for the product. You can view it here.

The first KORG DS10 was sold exclusive through For the sequel, AQ plans a full retail release.

via andriasang

KORG DS-10 Synthesizer $19.99 posted at amazon

Product Description Product Description
Whether you are just looking for fun on the run, or a way to work out your next hit song, the KORG DS-10 Synthesizer for Nintendo DS could be your newest best companion. The DS-10 combines the superior interface of the Nintendo DS with the design concept of the famous KORG MS-10 synthesizer to bring you portable music-creation software without rival.

KORG DS-10 Synthesizer brings portable music creation to the Nintendo DS.

Various sound textures are made possible by implementing the two VCO's, three filter types, and more.

Notes that you perform can be recorded in the sequencer, allowing for further editing.
A Professional-Grade Synthesizer in the Palm of Your Hand
The ultra high-quality sound sources for the DS-10 come from KORG, maker of some of the world's finest musical instruments. Korg spared no effort in creating this ultra-portable yet powerful and easy-to-use music software with tons of the latest features-- and all with the unique accessibility of the Nintendo DS touch screen.

The KORG DS-10 Synthesizer gives you the choice of sculpting your own unique sounds with expansive on-screen controls, or starting from a preset template. With two dual oscillator synth parts and four synth/drum parts, users can create synth and drum lines using the on-screen touch keyboard and drum pads, or engage the elegant six-track, 16-step sequencer.

With powerful features such as KORG's KAOSS technology, users can add custom modulations in real-time, tighten the mix with a full-featured mixer, polish their grooves with multiple effects, and create complete songs that they can save on the spot.

The DS-10 features a chorus, flanger, and delay parameter that can be applied individually to each synth or the drum machine, either individually or as a whole. In addition, each of the editable drum sounds can have a separate effect added to it. Various sound textures are made possible by implementing the two VCO's, three filter types, and more, while notes can be recorded in the sequencer, allowing for further editing. This broad functionality, combined with patching functionality, makes the DS-10 suited to even the most avid sound designers.

Intuitive and Easy Use
The sounds made by each of the two analogue synthesizer emulators are modified using virtual knobs, and users can patch particular parameters for further modification. The user interface is mainly through the DS's touch screen. Notes can be played using a two-octave keyboard, or through an interface that detects the X and Y position of the stylus on the touch pad, simulating a KORG KAOSS Pad.

The Nintendo DS's dual-screen touch panel is used to the fullest to provide a feel and operability that is unsurpassed. Although there are many expert-level features available with synthesizer, the DS-10 can be appreciated by the complete novice as well as the seasoned professional.

Music Without Limits
The KORG DS-10 Synthesizer offers two types of wireless play in Multi-player and Data Exchange modes. Up to eight separate Nintendo DS players can connect via a wireless link to perform as an ensemble. Each DS-10 synthesizer can be played as its own independent instrument, or they can be assigned a part to create a band, allowing for virtually limitless applications.

What's more, users who have created new riffs, tunes, or complete songs can exchange their session data with other KORG DS-10 users. It is even possible to send session data in advance to your friends, so you can all play to the same tune. Not only does the DS-10 bring stylus music to the world for the first time, but this robust connectivity allows for performances and compositions that simply aren't possible on a single Nintendo DS.

The keyboard and KAOSS pad can be played directly with a stylus.

Product Description
The KORG DS-10 is music-creation software for the Nintendo DS that combines the superior interface of the Nintendo DS with the functionality of the famous MS-10 synthesizer. The sound sources in the KORG DS-10 come from KORG - one of the world's top musical instrument producers - and no effort was spared in creating these ultra-high-quality sounds. The Nintendo DS Touch Screen controls are used to the fullest to provide unsurpassed feel and operability. This innovative musical tool is perfect for aspiring musicians and professionals alike.In addition to the two analog synth simulators and drum module, a 6-track/16-step sequencer enables precise control and provides a wide range of musical possibilities. Up to eight units can be connected and played together through a wireless link, and this and other features make the Nintendo DS and KORG DS-10 almost limitless in their application - they can take you places that no single synthesizer can.

DaRr¥-Bo©pEr: interviewed by michael nervous

michael nervous Is Darry Booper your name or performance name?
DaRr¥-Bo©pEr: It's my performance name.

michael nervousWhat is the process in which you go about your ds 10 performances?
DaRr¥-Bo©pEr: The first thing for me is to find some ideas for rythm and melody. After i start to create some sounds to match the melody & rythm mood.
When i get the full song ready, i work a lot on the mix via the songmode & pattern mode (Working on patterns, sounds, melodys and rythms chaining)
My goal is always to create all the sounds i use and to found new way to bypass the number of voice and pattern limitation of the software.
It is possible to use the drum channels to make some bass or chord for exemple !
For me these limitations are good for the creative process because you'll have to found trick to get something listenable.
And no need to plug a lots of cables ... Knowing complex software like Cubase ... start a computer with Windows! etc... etc...
Music is feeling and pleasure, i don't take pleasure when i have to fight with Bill gates bugging and updating my computer all the time,
I just want to enjoy to play music.
Sometimes musicians are better technicians than musicians...
My work is a mix between improvisation and construction. I want it to sound strange and weird.
If you think "How, it's really strange and unusual !?" , you'll must be sure that i'll be happy !!!.
I use Korg DS 10 like a guitar, just a fun way to play music and take pleasure ! the only limitation is inspiration.
michael nervous do you use songmode?
DaRr¥-Bo©pEr: Yes,

michael nervous would you consider being a part of a collaboration or a multiple artist release? (creative commons release).

DaRr¥-Bo©pEr: I'm alone for now ! but i like the spirit of creative commons licences for sharing human creativity for free !
with internet, it's our chance to accelerate the process. D(o) I(T) Y(ourself) it's really simple.
michael nervous do you find the emulation of the ds accurate and if so do you have allot of experience with analogue synths?
DaRr¥-Bo©pEr: Yes it's good(There is some little thing missing but it's normal it's digital)
The first thing they must improve is the quality of the output sound.
I hope the korg ds 10 + improve output sound quality.
My experience on analogue synth is light, i just get a false Analogue Synth (Real digital modeling synth) :
Roland JP8000 with really big sound, i love it.

michael nervous what is your favorite synth and/or computer to make music on?

DaRr¥-Bo©pEr: For now, my top synth is Korg DS 10, it's really good and easy to use, you can get it with you when & where you want.
It's a musician dream.
I don't really like making music on computer for now, because of Bill GATES and his nuclear power need to start Windows !
(Why people buy computer with a lots of horse power ? 80% of them use internet & Word and 20% use it for game ... ), it's incredible.
Powersaving ???? it's a joke ????
michael nervous do ever use trackers?

DaRr¥-Bo©pEr: Yes, the first one i use is soundtracker on Amiga.
On Amiga, i do some musics with Noisetracker for some demosmakers and some games, Adrenalynn, Overdrive/infacto etc...
With a coder(Milo where are u ?), we create a special homemade tracker for a game (No public release), but the game was never released.
Recently i use Buzz (Really interesting concept)
michael nervous first gameboy/ds was what model? did you have a synthcart or tracker on it?
DaRr¥-Bo©pEr: No synthcart, or tracker i just have a DSlite with Korg DS10,

michael nervous do you perform live currently, past or future.

DaRr¥-Bo©pEr: Currently No, but i think about it and prepare some live thing at home for now.
My latest video (Kitch-Axian) is the first live training i've done (I record the way i play on Korg DS10 and integrate it to the vid)
I have some weirds ideas for live, believe me !
michael nervous favorite electronic artist?

DaRr¥-Bo©pEr: Rob Hubbard, Martin Galways, Tim Follin, Codex (I really want to know what do you do for now !?), Heatbeat
UncleTOM, Shinji Hosoe, Sanodg (Thanx for good mail on myspace), George duke (Listen to his old records and you'll understand his power), Vangelis
the list is to long ...
michael nervous how do you record out of the ds...list software and hardware.

DaRr¥-Bo©pEr: Directly to my PC with a very old Soundforge software.
michael nervous have u had a chance to sync multiple ds 10's thru wifi?

DaRr¥-Bo©pEr: No, i wait for Korg DS 10+ card !
michael nervous what is your signature track?

DaRr¥-Bo©pEr: Mr Bo Want to play trumpet Jazz, i think it's one of my best track.
No melody, only weird feeling and strange sounds.
michael nervous how long have you been making music?

DaRr¥-Bo©pEr: I start a long time ago on ORIC Atmos in 1984, i have done a basic prog to make some random music.
But my first real composition is on Amiga in the beginning of the 90.
michael nervous things you would add to korg ds 10?

DaRr¥-Bo©pEr: First, sound quality (16/32 bits),
Equalizer per voice in the mixer section
More pattern & song data
Solo push mode
Samples possibilities
Programmable arppegiator
Midi ! to use Korg DS10 capability on other synth :)
More save slots and the possibilitie to use the kaos pad control multiple time (not only for 2 synths params per pattern)
My wish list is really unlimited sorry :)
I'm ready to work with the Korg DS 10 coders ;)
michael nervous anything you want to plug or a shout-out?
DaRr¥-Bo©pEr: Greetings to :
A tous les vieux Amiga !
Quartz (A very good old friend),
Qwertzu (Hope you can heard this from where you are!),
Rob Hubbard (Thanx for your cool commentary on myspace, you're a true legend for a lots of people and a very good compositor),
Alexandro Jodorowsky & David Lynch (I want to work with you on something !!!)
Very special thanx to : All the coders of Korg DS 10 and to MichaelNervous for AllthingskorgDS10!!!
And all Korg DS10 users, friends and fans from myspace !
I'll be pleased to receive all your commentary about my work.
So, if you want to contact me directly for any reasons(Collaboration, infos, prod etc...), use this Email adress =>
and stay tuned for news, next album and new vid on :
See ya.
°¤o DaRr¥-Bo©pEr o¤° - 10/9/2k9

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KORG DS-10 Synthesizer - Synthesizer 101 - Lesson 4

KORG DS-10 Synthesizer - Synthesizer 101 - Lesson 4

KORG DS-10 Synthesizer - Synthesizer 101 - Lesson 3

KORG DS-10 Synthesizer - Synthesizer 101 - Lesson 3

KORG DS-10 Synthesizer - Synthesizer 101 - Lesson 2


instructional video #2

KORG DS-10 Synthesizer - Synthesizer 101 - Lesson 1

XSEED brings you these how to videos

ever wonder how to use the korg ds 10?

videos on how to use and change parameters from ign and wonder how to.

This site deserves attention!....partly because of this ds 10 user.

JREDD on korg ds 10 .... check it out!

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update from korg ds 10 Japanese site

This is translated thru babelfish so it's wording is a little off....thought I would share anyway.

It is possible with KORG DS-10 Plus product image KORG DS-10 PLUS, “KORG DS-10” new extended function is loaded onto SONG mode in the base. The program of track/truck MUTE, furthermore even during mode playing it reaches the point where it can do parameter editing, a wider music production becomes possible. In addition, as a [nintendo] DSi private function “it becomes the efficiency equivalent to KORG DS-10” 2, 'Dual DS-10 mode' is loaded, more powerful music production/performance is actualized. KORG DS-10 PLUS which KORG DS-10 product it introduced evolved the part 1: SONG mode expansion Parameter editing which is in the midst of SONG playing becomes possible. Because of this, when having played the music which is produced as SONG even, it reaches the point where it can perform in real time. While inquiring about the music which is produced it is possible from now on to keep designating the inspiration of that time as shape. Part 2: Program of track/truck MUTE possibly In SONG mode, the mute of pattern similar and each track/truck can be programmed. Because it reaches the point where it can utilize the pattern which is limited effectively, it reaches the point where so far it can do wide music production above. Furthermore! The Advanced Capability just of DSi The image figure of Dual DS-10 Dual DS-10 (the efficiency equivalent to DS - 102) With [nintendo] DSi private function “Dual DS-10 mode”, the analog [shinse] simulator, as for the drum machine from 1 (4 parts) to 2 units (8 parts) is expanded from 2 to 4 units, becomes 12 tracks/trucks & the sequencer. In other words, it is to be possible to become the efficiency “equivalent to KORG DS-10” 2, to actualize high-level music production and performance. * Simultaneous pronunciation several 12 sounds (with “KORG DS-10” 6 sounds) * 4 analog [shinse] simulators (with “KORG DS-10” 2) * 2 drum machines (with “KORG DS-10” 1) The comparison of KORG DS-10 PLUS and KORG DS-10 KORG DS-10 PLUS KORG DS-10 DSi DS The number of simultaneous pronunciations 12 sounds 6 sounds 6 sounds Analog [shinse] simulator 4 units 2 units 2 units 4 parts drum machine 2 units 1 units 1 units Editing which is in the midst of SONG playing ○ × Track/truck MUTE function of SONG mode ○ × It is possible to make all timbre with the control which is similar to the analog synthesizer!

more worksheets - performance guidebook

these i did not make. they are from the performance guidebook. via matrixsynth via moonbuz, go to these sites for a pdf version.

da funk -

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korg ds 10 worksheets -

The first sheet is helpful to avoid a pattern not being setup correctly to go into another pattern. The middle sheet is just a simple song structure sheet. For practice before a gig or live cheat notes these sheets can help you avoid making simple mistakes as you are scrolling through screens or handling multiple devices. These sheets are ready to use and I will post them soon.

One Kind Radio - Podcast - internet radio

michael nervous is featured on ONE KIND RADIO this week, using nothing more than the korg ds 10. download with a right click save as or left click for a listen now.

Korg forums about korg ds 10 plus

Here you can chat or read up on Korg products. This link is for the ds 10 plus.

Korg DS-10 - Something Sonic by WarpToken


korg ds 10 plus pre sale - japan (region free)

You can pre-order your dsi version of ds 10 at play asia for around $48 (shipping included).
It will come out in the u.s. a month and 3 days later. supposed to be allot cheaper once it hits stores....can you wait? If you don't have dsi there might be very little or nothing different in this version (for the ds lite). Also your manual will be in japanese.

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Korg DS-10 Daft Punk - Da Funk

Korg DS-10 Daft Punk - Da Funk

underworld on the ds

nds lite video stand in track as well!

ds lite stand for live performance (gba slot)

quick video on how easy nds adaptor is

Unedited, quick takes, how -to video on nds adaptor and .sav files.



This USB device will save your korg ds 10 sav file to your computer then you can back it up, share files and just have more songs.

Friday, September 4, 2009


michael nervous's 3>2>Univac1 is track of the day on garageband. It is free to download in his garage as Univac1. If you go to the site, play the track you can help him win the contest!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ugo Capeto - song 21....FANTASTIC!

100% Korg DS-10. Feel free to visit the home of the Korg DS-10 at for more Nintendo Korg DS-10 synthesizer/sequencer stuff.

Darry Booper

This is my latest vid and music released during my holidays ! Music only done with Nintendo Korg DS 10 ! Music, vids, script & artworks (c) 2009 Darry Booper Contact me and leave your impression, ..

3 is better than 2 is better than Univac 1 track of the day

3>2>Univac1 is track of the day on september 4th. click the link, then click play. Help me win the contest....