Monday, September 14, 2009


VIA GAME WATCH translated using are your new screenshots....

AQ interactive, holding the shop front event and talk Shaw who commemorate DS “KORG DS-10 PLUS” sale September 17th sale schedule Price: 3,990 Yen    5,985 Yen (scientific magazine ×KORG DS-10 PLUS limitation pack of adult) CERO rating: A (all the age objects) Package image  Corporation AQ interactive on September 17th on September 19th Tokyo & Akihabara, on September 26th executes the shop front event “shop front demonstration performance caravan” which commemorates sale the music tool for [nintendo] DS of sale schedule/in software “KORG DS-10”, in Osaka & Nihonbashi. Price usually turn 3,990 Yen. “Scientific magazine ×KORG DS-10 PLUS limitation pack of adult” 5,895 Yen. As for CERO rating A (all the age objects).  “KORG DS-10” in 1978 from KORG was developed the patch type analog synthesizer” MS-10” which is sold in design concept, the synthesizer software for [nintendo] DS. With “KORG DS-10 PLUS”, besides the fact that ““playback program function of compilation of the parameter which is in the midst of” “expanding the SONG mode” and track/truck MUTE” is mounted on Advanced Capability, the analog [shinse] simulator, 1 drum machines (4 parts) from 2 units (8 parts) to are expanded from 2 to 4 units as a [nintendo] DSi private function, 12 tracks/trucks & the sequencer become possible, mounting “Dual DS-10 mode”. The same function becomes the efficiency “equivalent to KORG DS-10” 2.  While the shop front event in the space of the opening store, using “KORG DS-10 PLUS,” showing the actual operation picture executing composition performance. At the same meeting place, also experience meeting is executed together. In addition in the event at the [sohumatsupuamiyuzumento] mansion September 19th, Osamu Ken Itoh who is the optical rice field healthy model person of the Procyon studio which relates to the development “of KORG DS-10 PLUS” and 1 users of previous production “KORG DS-10” the schedule which appears as a special guest.

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