Thursday, September 17, 2009

free dvd in celebration of korg ds 10 plus release


- 5.1 sound, using only korg ds 10. (these are the original tracks. the dvd software adds the depth of 5.1, they are not remixed).

-plays like a cd. has tracks with no menus.

-The first short film made entirely on the nintendo ds. Title = Alien zombie stick men vs. regular headless zombie stick men. more than 1.200 drawings were used in the application flickbook ds. all 12 songs from the mchl nrvs with korg ds 10 album are used in the film. No effects (audio or video) outside of the ds were used. The still drawaings were converted to avi using media-convert and the audio was added in a cheap audio program. synopsis= aliens, seemingly friendly, come to earth to capture stick people. After taking the heads of the human stick people, the human stick people turn into headless zombie stick people and the war is on.

-The music video for Resonant transformers are Tesla coils. clips from the film are used syncing with rhythm of the music. Allot of effects on the video, original audio performance.

-The music video for Turn signal 74 trafficators are semaphore signals. another flickbook ds creation simulating the early car racing video games were you never arrive at the background destination. video synced to audio with allot effects and video manipulation, audio untouched. I have another version, of similar video, were the audio is lsdj and pixel h8's pro performer.

-the complete audio tracks for Quadruple John’s cage (Parallelepiped) and u.s. patent 0,334,823. The tracks feature a video montage of ds stylus slowly coming out towards the screen and occasional mchl nrvs being displayed. Both tracks can be heard in the sidebar of this blog.

-All music and video by michael nervous released under creative commons Creative Commons License
mchl nrvs dvd #1 by michael nervous is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License.
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  1. Great marketing Michael.
    gotta to tell you that it's really difficult to read red foreground over black background imo, really tough.