Thursday, September 10, 2009

DaRr¥-Bo©pEr: interviewed by michael nervous

michael nervous Is Darry Booper your name or performance name?
DaRr¥-Bo©pEr: It's my performance name.

michael nervousWhat is the process in which you go about your ds 10 performances?
DaRr¥-Bo©pEr: The first thing for me is to find some ideas for rythm and melody. After i start to create some sounds to match the melody & rythm mood.
When i get the full song ready, i work a lot on the mix via the songmode & pattern mode (Working on patterns, sounds, melodys and rythms chaining)
My goal is always to create all the sounds i use and to found new way to bypass the number of voice and pattern limitation of the software.
It is possible to use the drum channels to make some bass or chord for exemple !
For me these limitations are good for the creative process because you'll have to found trick to get something listenable.
And no need to plug a lots of cables ... Knowing complex software like Cubase ... start a computer with Windows! etc... etc...
Music is feeling and pleasure, i don't take pleasure when i have to fight with Bill gates bugging and updating my computer all the time,
I just want to enjoy to play music.
Sometimes musicians are better technicians than musicians...
My work is a mix between improvisation and construction. I want it to sound strange and weird.
If you think "How, it's really strange and unusual !?" , you'll must be sure that i'll be happy !!!.
I use Korg DS 10 like a guitar, just a fun way to play music and take pleasure ! the only limitation is inspiration.
michael nervous do you use songmode?
DaRr¥-Bo©pEr: Yes,

michael nervous would you consider being a part of a collaboration or a multiple artist release? (creative commons release).

DaRr¥-Bo©pEr: I'm alone for now ! but i like the spirit of creative commons licences for sharing human creativity for free !
with internet, it's our chance to accelerate the process. D(o) I(T) Y(ourself) it's really simple.
michael nervous do you find the emulation of the ds accurate and if so do you have allot of experience with analogue synths?
DaRr¥-Bo©pEr: Yes it's good(There is some little thing missing but it's normal it's digital)
The first thing they must improve is the quality of the output sound.
I hope the korg ds 10 + improve output sound quality.
My experience on analogue synth is light, i just get a false Analogue Synth (Real digital modeling synth) :
Roland JP8000 with really big sound, i love it.

michael nervous what is your favorite synth and/or computer to make music on?

DaRr¥-Bo©pEr: For now, my top synth is Korg DS 10, it's really good and easy to use, you can get it with you when & where you want.
It's a musician dream.
I don't really like making music on computer for now, because of Bill GATES and his nuclear power need to start Windows !
(Why people buy computer with a lots of horse power ? 80% of them use internet & Word and 20% use it for game ... ), it's incredible.
Powersaving ???? it's a joke ????
michael nervous do ever use trackers?

DaRr¥-Bo©pEr: Yes, the first one i use is soundtracker on Amiga.
On Amiga, i do some musics with Noisetracker for some demosmakers and some games, Adrenalynn, Overdrive/infacto etc...
With a coder(Milo where are u ?), we create a special homemade tracker for a game (No public release), but the game was never released.
Recently i use Buzz (Really interesting concept)
michael nervous first gameboy/ds was what model? did you have a synthcart or tracker on it?
DaRr¥-Bo©pEr: No synthcart, or tracker i just have a DSlite with Korg DS10,

michael nervous do you perform live currently, past or future.

DaRr¥-Bo©pEr: Currently No, but i think about it and prepare some live thing at home for now.
My latest video (Kitch-Axian) is the first live training i've done (I record the way i play on Korg DS10 and integrate it to the vid)
I have some weirds ideas for live, believe me !
michael nervous favorite electronic artist?

DaRr¥-Bo©pEr: Rob Hubbard, Martin Galways, Tim Follin, Codex (I really want to know what do you do for now !?), Heatbeat
UncleTOM, Shinji Hosoe, Sanodg (Thanx for good mail on myspace), George duke (Listen to his old records and you'll understand his power), Vangelis
the list is to long ...
michael nervous how do you record out of the ds...list software and hardware.

DaRr¥-Bo©pEr: Directly to my PC with a very old Soundforge software.
michael nervous have u had a chance to sync multiple ds 10's thru wifi?

DaRr¥-Bo©pEr: No, i wait for Korg DS 10+ card !
michael nervous what is your signature track?

DaRr¥-Bo©pEr: Mr Bo Want to play trumpet Jazz, i think it's one of my best track.
No melody, only weird feeling and strange sounds.
michael nervous how long have you been making music?

DaRr¥-Bo©pEr: I start a long time ago on ORIC Atmos in 1984, i have done a basic prog to make some random music.
But my first real composition is on Amiga in the beginning of the 90.
michael nervous things you would add to korg ds 10?

DaRr¥-Bo©pEr: First, sound quality (16/32 bits),
Equalizer per voice in the mixer section
More pattern & song data
Solo push mode
Samples possibilities
Programmable arppegiator
Midi ! to use Korg DS10 capability on other synth :)
More save slots and the possibilitie to use the kaos pad control multiple time (not only for 2 synths params per pattern)
My wish list is really unlimited sorry :)
I'm ready to work with the Korg DS 10 coders ;)
michael nervous anything you want to plug or a shout-out?
DaRr¥-Bo©pEr: Greetings to :
A tous les vieux Amiga !
Quartz (A very good old friend),
Qwertzu (Hope you can heard this from where you are!),
Rob Hubbard (Thanx for your cool commentary on myspace, you're a true legend for a lots of people and a very good compositor),
Alexandro Jodorowsky & David Lynch (I want to work with you on something !!!)
Very special thanx to : All the coders of Korg DS 10 and to MichaelNervous for AllthingskorgDS10!!!
And all Korg DS10 users, friends and fans from myspace !
I'll be pleased to receive all your commentary about my work.
So, if you want to contact me directly for any reasons(Collaboration, infos, prod etc...), use this Email adress =>
and stay tuned for news, next album and new vid on :
See ya.
°¤o DaRr¥-Bo©pEr o¤° - 10/9/2k9

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