Tuesday, September 8, 2009

update from korg ds 10 Japanese site

This is translated thru babelfish so it's wording is a little off....thought I would share anyway.

It is possible with KORG DS-10 Plus product image KORG DS-10 PLUS, “KORG DS-10” new extended function is loaded onto SONG mode in the base. The program of track/truck MUTE, furthermore even during mode playing it reaches the point where it can do parameter editing, a wider music production becomes possible. In addition, as a [nintendo] DSi private function “it becomes the efficiency equivalent to KORG DS-10” 2, 'Dual DS-10 mode' is loaded, more powerful music production/performance is actualized. KORG DS-10 PLUS which KORG DS-10 product it introduced evolved the part 1: SONG mode expansion Parameter editing which is in the midst of SONG playing becomes possible. Because of this, when having played the music which is produced as SONG even, it reaches the point where it can perform in real time. While inquiring about the music which is produced it is possible from now on to keep designating the inspiration of that time as shape. Part 2: Program of track/truck MUTE possibly In SONG mode, the mute of pattern similar and each track/truck can be programmed. Because it reaches the point where it can utilize the pattern which is limited effectively, it reaches the point where so far it can do wide music production above. Furthermore! The Advanced Capability just of DSi The image figure of Dual DS-10 Dual DS-10 (the efficiency equivalent to DS - 102) With [nintendo] DSi private function “Dual DS-10 mode”, the analog [shinse] simulator, as for the drum machine from 1 (4 parts) to 2 units (8 parts) is expanded from 2 to 4 units, becomes 12 tracks/trucks & the sequencer. In other words, it is to be possible to become the efficiency “equivalent to KORG DS-10” 2, to actualize high-level music production and performance. * Simultaneous pronunciation several 12 sounds (with “KORG DS-10” 6 sounds) * 4 analog [shinse] simulators (with “KORG DS-10” 2) * 2 drum machines (with “KORG DS-10” 1) The comparison of KORG DS-10 PLUS and KORG DS-10 KORG DS-10 PLUS KORG DS-10 DSi DS The number of simultaneous pronunciations 12 sounds 6 sounds 6 sounds Analog [shinse] simulator 4 units 2 units 2 units 4 parts drum machine 2 units 1 units 1 units Editing which is in the midst of SONG playing ○ × Track/truck MUTE function of SONG mode ○ × It is possible to make all timbre with the control which is similar to the analog synthesizer!

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