Monday, April 19, 2010

new michael nervous live track!

live from the steple gallery...michael nervous performs this track on a single korg ds-10 on ds lite.


  1. Single? He has 4 DS Lites there!!!

  2. last minute set-up. each ds lite has a different song on it. they are not synced and only one is playing at a time. it's the only way i could do the songs in twenty minutes. i ran them thru a belkin rockstar (no mixer). i tried to fade each song into the next/ without my usual sync/ was very difficult (using the tiny volume knobs of the ds. anyway, i wound up getting to play an extra 10 minutes. the video is just random footage and not actually synced with the audio...not even sure it was that song. my friend shut the camera off (not sure why). they audio was both direct and mic'd and not messed with. sorry for they deception. "LIVE AUDIO" is what i should have tagged.