Wednesday, April 21, 2010

testing the prs cable for iphone RjDj — 'Apr 19, 2010 9:50 PM' recorded by Michael Nervous

RjDj — 'Apr 19, 2010 9:50 PM' recorded by Michael Nervous

i have been in contact with the makers of guitarbud cable PRS (paul reed smith). the reason i am posting this in the ds-10 blog is this, there is a possibility, of a not so distant future version of the cable, being able to handle other instruments and possibly the ds-10. the cable is a guitar male 1/4" on one end with the headphone (3.5mm female) out close by. it then stretches out into about 6' of cable and ends in the three ring iphone (mic, ring, tip) 3.5mm plug. I used it on the above recording using a baritone guitar. after the update in OS3.1 there has been no input into the iphone as mic input from the dock connection. the new mickey will do this too (but i like the idea of not being concerned with updates). I will try it when it comes out. this will eliminate (for those of us that have phones with recording capability) to carry a recorder and the ds-10 with us. i have tried this version of the cable with the ds-10 and it is not capable. the cable itself works wonderfully with most of the iphone apps. i tried it with rjdj, stompvox, monle (could not monitor), 4track (no monitor), rec tools (monitor with high latency), otto and sampletoy. they all have latency but at least there is output. this will be great for on the go recording and or editing/uploading using a phone. imagine a direct line in while charging and uploading to youtube after finished without a mac or pc.