Sunday, September 26, 2010

New Michael Nervous Album

This is a live album that I had time to work on and finish today. This album is straight out of korg ds 10 thru a belkin rockstar into a zoom h2 handy recorder. I used 4 nintendo ds lites running korg ds 10 and 1 dsi running ds 10 plus. They were all synced thru wifi for the first five songs only as a sync for song start with no dead air (it was an art show i wanted to keep the music flowing) while I was playing somg 5 I loaded a new song into a ds lite. Song five was not synced and was played without a time clock. I tapped out the beats live. Song 7 was an encore (which was nice but unexpected and i was not ready - did it anyway). I had synced the room audio with the direct out of the ds for the first 7 tracks. I took out the room sound and gave a direct sound for the repeat of the same 7 tracks for a new studio album. You can listen, download and remix this album on bandcamp...MICHAEL NERVOUS ON BANDCAMP FREE ALBUM!Live at the Temple Gallery 3/27/2010