Sunday, February 13, 2011

day 6 - mono 1&2 - new michael nervous

This track was started in Las Vegas and is further along than the video now....but has that empty pattern break that is so familiar to ds 10 artists (has since been removed).

Effects coming soon- delay and distortion

multiple ds systems coming soon -debating wether to use 2 or 3 ds 10s....if I use 2 for each track I can have all the systems linked and there does not have to be a pause between every track. I can run 2 versions on two ds systems and two on another and run dual mode on dsi, so that we get me three songs with no break. I also would like to have it where it gets me more patterns not running simulataniously. mute 1 ds then mute the first ds after the 16 patterns have been used. I also am very cautious as 1 ds is a refurb and the screen sometimes does not get the touches.

Ds 10 confessions
If you are wondering why I have so many ds systems I traded in games at game stop when the korg ds 10 first came out. I became obsessed with it. I must have watched the trailer videos 100 times before it came with ds 10 plus. I have been making music on portable drum machines, toys, field recorders anything mobile since I can remember and the korg ds 10 has by far been the easiest and most fun. It forces you to record direct out so no conversion to screw up- I love effects and that has kept me from playing live more with ds 10. I have decided to mix my old style of music with the ds 10 (I do this when I jam with friends anyway), which is using effects and field recordings to multiple outputs. I tried to make my rig simple and easy to use live, but I love not knowing what exactly will happen with all the effects and options. I did a show once that I used a laptop running ableton live with nothing more than a trigger finger and had field recordings and homemade beats, guitars, noises etc linked to the pads and faders. It had a lot of effects. I had a friend on stage with me and she ran the trigger finger with the use of worksheets I had made. the worksheets are the way the songs go on the album. I had a mouse in case anything was to out of order (loud noise, bpm to far off). In the background was a kaleidoscope video of boat rides in Thailand and deep ruin adventures in Cambodia. we had 8 channel outputs going to powered speakers around the venue - including there stage speakers. It went very well and that's the kind of thing I want back with audio of my live sound - mixed with fun craziness of my early albums were everything else was played live over a cd of things we could not re-create (field recordings, someone Else's keyboard etc.) I'm rambling and should be recording.......