Wednesday, March 23, 2011

3d photos shot @ 3ds event chicago-michael nervous- korg ds10

Here is some 3d photos and more of the new album by michael nervous.

the photos are of the 3ds event in chicago.
-at the event you can try out street fighter in 3d, deep sea diver that is a ship/sub game that you spin around to look through your periscope 3d, need for speed driving game 3d, a flying game similar to the wii game where you have to land on targets or can just fly around 3d, nintendogs and cats in 3d, madden in 3d bears vs. packers is the game they had set up as well as an ar game where you look right through the screen and shoot at whatever is in front of the camera (like the floor or a table - this is your background) and boxes or other objects. the 3d is amazing on all of the games.

-other things i noticed. it is set up different than the dsi
- the headphone jack is in the center of the 3ds just below the touch screen on the outer shell (rather than the right on all the previous models)
-there are three buttons just above the jack that take you to different menus (like home)
- the 3d slider is on the top panel even with the bottom of the screen (moves easily but the only button anywhere near it is the top r button- you may bump sometime...just pause and re-align.
-it just seems a lot faster not just the graphics - but load time as well...nice