Saturday, March 5, 2011

3ds is less than a month away!

On march 27 2011 the nintendo 3ds will arrive in stores.
So this is the third nintendo handheld to come out since the blog began. dsi, dsi xl and now 3ds. I skipped the xl (even though I may have wanted it). anyway I have spent the night checking it out online and it looks amazing!...honestly have kept tabs since the announcement as i love nintendo portables and 3d cameras u can see why I would want this. I have to say that I have not read anywhere about improved audio output from the dsi ( i may have just overlooked). I think if you are buying this you are going to be playing games more than making music on it as it is loaded with features. It would be great if someone would make some music software for it or if sanodg would make the ds 10 into a 3d, augmented reality, gyro / motion experince. I am excited for this for train rides to work.