Monday, August 17, 2009

album is done!

The first michael nervous 100% korg ds 10 album was complete may 2009. The album title is "mchl nrvs". It was made completly with korg ds 10. several songs used 4 nds consoles. all songs that used more than 1 unit were synced thru local wifi. a ruler with 4 stylus taped to it was used in cases of 4 nds units. the performances were recorded thru a belkin rockstar into a zoom h2 handy recorder via 4 3.5 mm cables extended from the units headphone out. no external mixing. the volume sliders and internal mixers were used. It is now available in several stores including itunes (all), napster, amazon, limewire store, emusic, shockhound, lala, rhapsody and amy street (others are not live yet). If you sign up for lala you can keep mchl nrvs for free in your lala account and download for cheap. If you go to amy street the whole album is around $1.50 right now (goes up pennies as people by it).


  1. Wow, very cool Michael. Do you have to pay something to list your tunes on amazon. that sure loks the business.

  2. yes, I went thru Tunecore. Reverbnation is another place that is worth checking out. Tunecore has more sales and is more mainstream. Reverbnation is more about helping the artist...I use both!