Saturday, August 8, 2020

"OFF TOPIC" Short Songs #1 by michael nervous (korg ds-10)

Short Songs is a series of songs I have composed that originally were recorded to help me organize my songs for performance.
They are made using the korg ds-10 synth cartridge on a nintendo ds system.
Once I have filled up a cartridge with songs I use the nds adaptor+ to save my songs to a computer.
Using an emulator (desmume) I screen record my patterns as video file and save the movie file in a folder with my .sav file from the ds cart.
This allows for a quick reference of songs when digging through .sav files.
While deciding which song to work on last year I decided on a song called "KRFTNEW" which I really just liked the patterns.
So I recorded the song as minimal as possible while only repeating patterns a few times.
The song was just over a minute long and I was very happy with it not being repetitive.
About a year later when deciding which song I wanted to make short I kept watching my short, pattern only, videos and thought "I like them like this".
Anyway I'm not ruling out some performance additions in the future of short songs but for the time being here is the first song called "OFF TOPIC".