Friday, February 26, 2021

Korg ds-10 emulators and roms and things

 Hello, for a long time I used exclusively Korg ds-10 on ds-lite for music making....well sort of.

I began collecting the cart upon release in the US and still have not stopped. That being said I have used m3 cards, then mds real and then r4i cards. I don't think by writing this that I'm saying I am okay with using roms or piracy but I think it's a conversation I'd like to have. I have used these cards to have all my sav files on one card and used both wifi and nds adaptor and the plus to transfer and make sav files. The limitations of the korg ds-10 make you more creative for sure: The only way to save more than 18 songs is to buy more cards and use wifi transfer unless you buy a nds adaptor (yes that is the way it spelled). The only way to hear the songs is to use the headphone out as a performance or to use an emulator. Also if you want to record the screen you either use a camera with glare or buy an expensive streaming card that is very specific to the model of your handheld. That is why I started using emulators for the videos I have been making: 1st one I will talk about is Drastic. Drastic runs great on retro pi / emulation station on rapsberry pi 3b. The fun thing about this is it feels more like a switch or wii game with you using your controller to move the stylus on the screen. It also sounds great. On to DesMuMe. Desmume has been a great emulator for years and has not been updated since 2015 (also why I don't update my mac). Desmume can run nintendo ds games pretty perfectly but you are using a mouse or trackpad and that kinda loses the feel of the ds-10. Desmume can run the korg ds-10 in a daw as VST that a friend just pointed out. Desmume can also be run on android and IOS and those are both renamed inds or ids (the touch screen is great but the sound is something you don't really want to deal with. Anyway, the point I was making was I am just curious if people have opinions on this or if anyone would be wanting to try and port the kds10 as an audio unit for ios or if that changes the sound, as an emulator does, too much? 

Rambling done. I didn't even check this for typos just thoughts I am having this afternoon.

Thanks for still clicking on the page and keeping the community alive and also sorry I am so bad at blogging...