Thursday, April 1, 2021

Green Screen Inside Your Keyboard Case Tutorial - full version - my korg ds-10 setup

Chroma Key Paint, Velcro and fabric are discussed in this walkthrough to aid in tutorials and performances. 0:00 Quick Intro 0:30 Keyboard Case Non Muslin Green Screen Fabric 0:56 Painting with Green Screen Paint 1:57 Velcro Audio Interface, Mixer and 6 Plug Into Case 2:48 Examples of Green Screen Board 3:13 Examples of Chroma Key Over and Under Exposure 3:52 Advice on Thickness of Green Screens 4:20 Nice Segway to a Jam of the Song Spoon Me 7:26 Tutorial of How to Chroma Key & Pick Colors in LumaFusion ios

I cut out and painted a piece of plywood to fit as a shelf in my keyboard case.

Using Green Screen Paint (Behr Sparkling Apple) I painted the plywood

several layers.

Added Velcro to the audio interface I use and mixer then Stuck those

items in the case. Also a 6 plug with 2 usb ports for power.

In LumaFusion I put the keyboard case layer on top of the video that

I want to come through. Using the Chroma key function and the color

picker to make the green paint on the keyboard case

become basically a window to the video that is underneath it.