Saturday, January 1, 2022

Looking for links, videos, blogs and websites that are a good source of mobile music history and current state

March 2009 this blog started as a korg ds-10 blog. The ds-10 plus took over and by the time m01 and dsn-12 had come out ipads and iphones were taking over portable music.

Over the years other nintendo ds synths and programs were added to the blog, mobile creation and other devices would occasionally make appearances but I tried to keep the focus on the ds-10 until recently.

At some point it became mostly videos and less interviews etc.

There were less and less things about the ds-10 so even more about my adventures with the ds-10.

More recently I wanted gadget to become the focus.

Looking back on the blog it became a little too much about what I am working on and I want to change that.

Anyway, thanks for checking over the years and I want to make the blog more of mobile music

blog and resource.

Please comment with links, blogs, websites, youtubers, devices, hacks etc or go to my youtube or the linktree link below for other social sites.

Thank you for almost 13 years of this blog!

michael nervous's linktree any of the social sites will work for getting a hold of me